Vivian Martin

Marie Florence Campbell


Vivian Martin came into my life through Julie Noterman

Julie met Vivian in 1988, and Vivian had acted as a mentor to her. Julie's journal of that time stated:
"I met a woman who worked with Square Circle, an organization in the hierarchy of celestial realms.... We had an instant affinity. She calls herself a lone wolf and doesn't think much of the current spiritual revival. She said a man hanging from a cliff by a tree branch asks for guidance fron God. A voice replies, "Let go of the branch." The man says, "Is there anybody else up there?"

Though I had met Vivian several times during my years with Julie, after her passing, I developed a relationship of my own with Vivian. I regularly spent time with her during the remaining years of her life. SHe was intelligent, lively, opinionated, and loved her dogs, particularly Suzy, who is in the last photo, with Vivian in her chair with the blue shirt, and with Julie.

Vivian wrote in a letter to me in July of 2003 that she had the last name of Martin since age twenty. She called it her married name, so I assume that was when she was married. She seldom spoke about her marriage, but apparently her husband had been an engineer, and they had lived in Panama. I do not know why the marriage ended. She said that her husband was a difficult man.

She had one son, Paul. She mentioned him often to me, wondering where he was. In an introduction to a notebook of her writings, dated November 1, 2001, she wrote to Julie Noterman: "Julie Darling, This is for you. I share with you one of the lowest times of my life - Paul had just gone into the Navy (Hospital Corpsman) age 17 and I was alone and shattered." She eventually had a deep falling-out with Paul. She felt that his drug habit (this was during the 1960's) had opened him up to evil spiritual influences. They had a fight at some point, and she said that his face changed, and that what she saw was "not her son." He left, and she never saw him again.

The pain of this loss was carried for the rest of her life. She did receive a letter once from Paul, many years later, and in the letter was a photo of a grey-haired hippie in Hawaii. This was the only contact she had with her son since the separation. She told me at some point during our friendship that she knew that Paul had died, but there was never any formal confirmation of this.

Vivian was born on August 18,1916. Her birth name was Marie Florence Campbell. She changed her first name to Vivian at age forty, and stated that the name meant for her "full fo life." She wrote to me that she had moved to Tucson in September of 1951. She had relocated on doctor's orders, she wrote, as she had taken a fall on a wet sidewalk in Portland and, due to the resulting injuries, could no longer live in such a wet, cold climate.

She had a lively spirit, even in her later years. Vivian once told me that, when she was 14, she had decided to see the world and, with a backpack and little else, decided to hitchhike from her family home in Oregon to California. This would have been in the early 1930's, and she eventually made it to central Caifornia before a sheriff's deputy pulled her aside to question her. As she told it, he was friendly, and asked where she was going and so forth. Once he found out that she was a lone girl on the highways, hundreds of miles from home, he persuaded her to come with him back to the station house, where he fed her, and quickly made contact with her frantic family. Vivian was promptly sent home safely on a bus. Vivian was proud of that story.

She claimed to be in touch with spirit guides, the Square Circle Group. She actally added an insignia for the group to her legal signature. She often told me of this group and what they would say to her. Much of her advice to me came from them. In a letter written to me (August 15, 2004) when she gave to me the notebook mentioned above (the one originally given to Julie) she wrote:
" Go quietly about your business and see it through... Convinced you are guided in everything you do... (said to me by Square Circle 1954 or 5). I do exactly what I'm told to do when I'm told to do it or directed from within by the Square Circle Group... We go forward with faith and courage... right action leads the way..."

She was right about some things; for example, she always warned that there were hard economic times ahead, and that America was creating the problem by the prevailing economic policies and practices of the late 20th Century. She of course had lived through the Great Depression, and would compare the current American economy of the late 1990's with the conditions occurring just before 1929.

The spirit guides would often tell her that "everything will work itself out." They did not predict Julie's death. As Vivian was nearing her own death, she would often tell me how tired she was of living. She had been using a walker for a long time, and in her last years, was for the most part bed-ridden. She often received care from her neighbors Theresa and others, whom she had known for years, and had told stories to their children, now all adults. The two books that she wrote (and I helped to publish) are dedicated to my wife Julie and to these children for whom she had once told her stories.


Vivian Martin
Vivian Martin





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Here is a prayer that Vivian wrote on March 7, 1957 (she would have been 41 years old) :

"Dear Father, Please give me knowledge so I may conquer my fears and longings and be richer by what I have learned.
When times seem black, give me wisdom to see that things are taken care of for me and in good hands. Give me strength to live each day as it comes and not to worry about tomorrow, and when, Dear Father, I am on my own and can see where I've been, give me understanding of people and let me guide them to the happiness that is ours, if we but look and let one who knows run things like they should."


As mentioned above, Vivian gave a notebook to Julie in November of 2001. This was still in Vivian's possession after Julie passed away in 2002, and so she gave it to me.

This notebook was titled by Vivian as "A Thought for Today."

I assume that this was perhaps a manuscript for an intended book. It is dated December 30, 1955. It seems to have been a dream of hers to to publish, and, with then two books that I worked on with her, she did achieve that dream. Below I have included a selection of her aphorismsfrom that notebook:

A Thought for Today is for the purpose of helping people to coordinate their mind and body in a spirit of harmony for a definite purpose.

There are no mistakes, only experiences.

Success is one step eyond defeat.

Opportunity is everywhere for those with eyes to see it.

Absolutely nothing is free: the price is either time, effort, pride or knowledge.

Love, loyalty, sympathy and understanding cannot be bought, stolen or borrowed. They must be earned.

Happiness is not a metter of time, person, place or thing but a state of mind.

A single desire backed with determnation and persistence can overcome all obstacles.

Intense desire is composed of Initiative, Faith and the Will to Win, all necessary to succeed.

The most useful of all diplomas is the one gained from the School of Hard Knocks.

A marriage based entirely on love and sex will not endure, but neither can there be a happy marriage without it.

From the cradle to the grave, all seek contentment and peace of mind.

We can never see in the world what we do not first see in ourselves.

What we are really, we are now potentially.

Do you dream of a golden tomorrow? You will reap what you are sowing today.